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If you are interested in being placed on a team, or forming a team of your own, send in your information as shown below to @gmail.com

Your information will be forwarded to the teams that register.




Name                                   Pos.       Age       Email                                         Phone #               College - HS   



TJ Aroksaar.                      Def         19.       tjaroksaar29@gmail.com         516-640-0836.       Hartwick.     

Nick Paternostro.               Def.        19.      npaternostro14@yahoo.com.    516-458-4640.       U Mass.      

Mike Riveira.                   LSM/D.    23.    michael.riveira21@gmail.com.     516-492-2546.       Post. -  Kel.

Mike Gullo.                       Def.          21.    michael.gullo@scranton.edu.       516-606-9425.         scranton

Mike Breiner.                    Goal.        30.    mbreiner4@gmail.com.                                                 Dowling

Rodney Felder.                   Mid         21.     rodneyfelder96@gmail.com.          516-761-0864.      Limestone

Chris Mastroianni.           Mid.         26.    elaxstar9@yahoo.com.                  516-815-7444.           NCC

Nick Paris.                       Def.          20.     nickparis14@gmail.com.              516-592-3763.        Hobart